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The old adage, “you are what you eat”, holds true when making a decision about your beef products. Grass-fed beef is just what it sounds like. Grass-fed cattle are provided a diet exclusively from grass pastures where they are provided the opportunity to consume their natural food of choice. Grain-fed cows in comparison are generally “finished” by being fed highly processed corn and soy products for the latter portion of their lives. This naturalMeat of cow, including chuck, brisket, shank, rib, plate, short loin, flank, sirloin, tenderloin, and round approach can mean more health benefits for you. Grass-fed beef has been recognized as having lower saturated fat and more beneficial nutrients than its grain-fed competitor. It additionally, contains fewer calories per serving. Grass-fed cattle are raised free of artificial hormones, processed corn and soy – bringing a healthy and simple approach to your plate.Throughout history cattle have traditionally roamed free, receiving their nutrients from the land. This is the way in which cattle have evolved throughout time, in their natural setting. Cattle raised on grass-fed farms are free from the cruelty of feedlots and overuse of inhumane products that are supplied in many of these facilities. Grass-fed cattle are raised in an environment that allows free grazing rather than the confinement that has been identified elsewhere. Cattle raised in this environment live a much more fulfilled existence.Making the choice to purchase grass-fed beef means taking part in creating a healthy environment for all who are involved. You are taking a stance in the well-being of cattle, assisting local ranchers in creating a living within their community, and making a healthy choice for yourself and your family.

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