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Cattle on the range

Our family has been involved in raising cattle for over sixty years. My father started out with his family in northern Nevada. They moved to Arizona, attended the University of Arizona where he received a degree in Range Management.

I was raised on ranches in the 70's and 80's near Roosevelt Lake, Arizona, Heber, Arizona, Clifton, Arizona and presently in the Sonoita/Elgin area of southeast Arizona. My degree from the University of Arizona is in Animal Science. My father was a past-President of the Arizona Cattle Growers Association. My mother was Past-President of Arizona State Cowbelles/Cattlewomen. I was employed by the Arizona Cattle Growers Association. Commitment and leadership in the cattle industry, as well as dedication and knowledge, is incorporated in our products. We are real.

Fifteen years ago my father heard of a program just developed by the Australian government to compete with corn-fed feedlot beef to help their ranchers using genetics to produce cattle that were naturally tender. This program has been scientifically improved over the years where genetics (DNA) testing has become quite successful.

We have been using this protocol for fifteen years as it takes several generations to produce cattle that test in the upper 10 - 20% for tenderness without using food additives or grain but uses natural grass. Our most recent tests showed a tenderness score in a shear test (see attachment) of between 4.3 and 4.1 conducted by the University of Arizona Meat Lab. Choice beef from the supermarket run 5 - 6.

When you buy our vacuum-packed beef you are getting fifteen years of testing and dedication that you know has been tested to give you the type of beef that you expect and it's natural without additives, hormones or antibiotics. You won't have to guess if it might be tender. This took a long time. It's worth it. Why take a chance?

All Natural Grass Feed Beef





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