AZ Wine Country Grass Fed Angus Beef

All Natural Grass Fed BeefWe believe our grass-fed beef; hormone free, antibiotic free, Arizona natural beef is the best beef you can buy. We have taken fifteen years to produce tender and palatable beef through extensive genetic testing and breeding. We vacuum pack our grass-fed beef for extended freezer storage and every product that we package is tested by the University of Arizona Meat Lab to be sure that it meets or exceeds USDA tenderness equivalence for choice beef criteria. There is much less gamble about what you will be eating with grass-fed natural beef from our ranch.

AZ Grass Fed Beef's ground beef (AZ natural beef) comes from cattle that are never given any antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. They are fed a 100 percent grass fed diet and allowed to freely graze on more than 12,000 acres of land. Natural grass and vegetation contribute to our lean ground beef's natural, well-marbled, and full-flavored taste. This beef is also rich in Omega3. Because raising cattle on a grass-fed diet is always more expensive than feeding them artificial produced grain, you will notice a significant increase in price, which is worth every penny if you desire a healthy diet.

Raising cattle to be grass fed requires more time, space, and labor. At AZ Grass Fed Beef, however, you'll find our ground beef to be of an exceptional value - priced at only $8.00 per pound. Order today by clicking here. Our grass-fed ground beef has a lean to fat ratio of 85/15. This means that it is 85 percent lean, which makes for some of the most delicious hamburgers, tailgaters chili, and Italian meatballs; among many other great recipes.

Our family knows what good beef tastes like. You don’t have to sacrifice with natural grass-fed beef.

Our Process

In addition to our commitment to raising healthy grass-fed cattle, we have implemented on our ranch a system termed "rotational grazing". For those who are unfamiliar with this process, it refers to a managed feeding system that involves rotating cattle through subdivided pastures. While the cattle graze their current pasture, the other areas of the land are able to rest and renew. This ensures that the land is preserved and that our cows are feeding on the freshest grass available. This unique process allows us to increase forage production, decrease waste, and closely monitor the health of our cattle.







    (Some product may not be available to purchase through the website. Please use our order form for those products.)

    Product Number Name Description Retail Price / lb
    1001 Hamburger 1 lb packages $8.00
    1002 Ribeye Steak Vacuum Packaged 2 per package 1.5 inch thick $21.00
    1003 Short Ribs Vacuum Packaged $7.50
    1004 Brisket Vacuum Packaged $9.50
    1005 Sirloin Tip Roast Vacuum Packaged $13.50
    1006 Top Round Roast Vacuum Packaged $9.50
    1007 NY Strip Steak Vacuum Packaged $19.00
    1008 Tri Tip Vacuum Packaged $14.00
    1009 Flat Iron Steak Vacuum Packaged 1 per package $14.00
    1010 Beef Back Ribs Vacuum Packaged $8.00
    1011 Top Sirloin Steak Vacuum Packaged 2 per package 1.5 inch think $15.00
    1012 Tenderloin Steak Vacuum Packaged 1 per package $29.00
    1013 Stew Meat Vacuum Packaged $8.50

    For unlisted items, call us at 602-377-3654
    *Bulk pricing applies to quantities of 12 or more units

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